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Migration: Integration, Impact and Interaction

Project Summary

Rising immigration is one of the most significant issues to have captured the public interest and public-policy debates in recent years. Yet despite awareness of the issue there has been surprisingly little economic analysis of immigration's effects and its consequences. While there has been some advancement gauging its impacts in the labour market, there are still major gaps in our understanding in this area, while many other areas of the economy, notably crime, housing, poverty, health, welfare and education remain simply bereft of economic analysis. The studies outlined here will address this lacuna and so help bring much needed information and clarity to this important debate, extending the frontier of analysis into various new directions.

The programme will use a combination of perhaps the best administrative and novel survey data sources in Europe and beyond, which allows us to address key issues at the frontier of migration research that hitherto could not be analysed. The programme offers a highly innovative research agenda, carried out by research teams from 6 NORFACE countries, all with an excellent academic track record and unique experience working with administrative and survey data. The proposal involves many new ideas that have not yet been pursued in the migration literature. Embedded within economic theoretical rigour, the research designs we propose will allow us to use innovative techniques and ideas to identify causal effects of immigration rather then associations.

Project Personnel

Participants Name Institution Country
Principal Investigator Jonathan Wadsworth CReAM, UCL United Kingdom
Co-Principal Investigator Uta Schönberg University College London United Kingdom
Co-Applicant Anders Bjorklund Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University Sweden
Co-Applicant Bernt Bratsberg Frisch Centre and Department of Economics, University of Oslo Norway
Co-Applicant Anna Piil Damm Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University Denmark
Co-Applicant Mariola Pytlikova KORA, Danish Institute of Governmental Research Denmark
Co-Applicant Alexandra Spitz – Oener Department of Economics, Humboldt University Germany
Co-Applicant Roope Uusitalo Government Institute for Economic Research Finland
Co-operation partner Nicole Fortin University of British Columbia Canada
Co-operation partner Thomas Lemieux Department of Economics, The University of British Columbia Canada
Team Member Hans Grönqvist Stockholm University Sweden
Team Member Matti Sarvimäki Government Institute for Economic Research Finland
Team Member Marco Alfano University College London United Kingdom
Team Member Lucia Corno University College London United Kingdom


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