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Jørgen Carling

Team Member, Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems

Jørgen Carling
Jørgen Carling is Senior Researcher and Programme Leader at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) in Norway. He holds a PhD in human geography and also has a background in demography. He has been instrumental in establishing PRIO’s cluster on migration research. He has done research on several aspects of international migration and migrant transnationalism, including human smuggling, migration control policies, transnational families, and the links between migration and development. His empirical work has concentrated on migration from Africa to Europe. He has extensive fieldwork experience from Cape Verde, the Netherlands and Italy and combines ethnographic data with statistical analyses in his research. He has published in most of the leading journals in the field, including Ethnic and Racial Studies, Global Networks, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, International Migration, and International Migration Review. He has also done policy-oriented work for the UNDP, the IOM and other international agencies, as well as for the Norwegian government.

Senior Researcher, Programme Leader
Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)


Email: Jorgen@PRIO.NO

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