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Irena Kogan

Co-Applicant, Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries

Irena Kogan
Irena Kogan holds a chair in Sociology at the University of Mannheim.

She received her training in Pedagogigs (Ukraine), Sociology and Anthropology (Israel), and Social Sciences (Germany). Her research interests include ethnicity and migration, structural assimilation of immigrants, social stratification and mobility and transition form school-to-work. She is the author of a number of articles in international journals dealing with immigrants’ labour market integration and social stratification.

Her recent book publications include:
Irena Kogan. 2007. Working through Barriers: Host country institutions and immigrant labour market performance in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer;
Yinon Cohen and Irena Kogan, Michael Gebel and Clemens Noelke (Hrsg.) 2008. Europe enlarged: a handbook of education, labour and welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe. Bristol: The Policy Press.

Currently Irena Kogan is co-directing the projects:
‘Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries’ (financed by the Norface), ‘Young Immigrants in the German and Israeli Educational Systems’ (financed by the BMBF) and ‘Educational Systems and Labour Markets in central and Eastern Europe’ (financed by the Volkswagen foundation).

She is also involved in a number of other projects dealing with the issues of migration and immigrant integration, education-job linkages, and methodological issues of comparative research.

University of Mannheim



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