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Marcel Lubbers

Co-Applicant, Causes and Consequences of Early Socio-Cultural Integration Processes Among New Immigrants in Europe

Marcel Lubbers
Dr. Marcel Lubbers' research focuses on questions of cohesion. He studies national in-group and out-group relations by questioning far right-wing voting behaviour, interethnic attitudes, euro-scepticism and national cultural consumption. He conducted several large-scale cross-regional and cross-national studies. He was the recipient of the VENI grant (NWO) for the topic 'Euro-scepticism: its social determinants and political consequences' (2003-2006), and received the VIDI grant (NWO) ‘Cultural sameness or the preservation of own identity: the consumption of national cultural goods in times of European integration and mass migration (2008-2013).

Radboud University Nijmegen

The Netherlands


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