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Cindy Horst

Co-Applicant, Theorizing the Evolution of European Migration Systems

Cindy Horst
Dr. Horst is an anthropologist with a specialization in Forced Migration Studies. She is author of the monograph 'Transnational Nomads. How Somalis cope with refugee life in the Dadaab camps of Kenya', published by Berghahn Books (2006), and has written articles in the Journal of Refugee Studies; Conflict, Security and Development; the Refugee Survey Quarterly; Afrika Spectrum; and Refuge. Furthermore, she is a contributor to numerous edited volumes. Her main work has focused on refugee livelihoods in protracted refugee situations, specifically exploring the transnational dimensions of these livelihood strategies. She has also worked on migration-development links more generally for many years, i.a. focusing on individual and collective remittances as well as diaspora organizational engagement with the region of origin. Dr. Horst has led a number of research projects on protracted refugee situations, remittances, and international humanitarian aid. She is particularly interested in the methodological and ethical challenges of doing fieldwork related to various aspects of migration and conflict, and she heads the Fieldwork Network at PRIO. Her regional focus is on the Horn of Africa.

Senior Researcher
International Peace Research Institute (PRIO)


Telephone: +47 22 54 77 49

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